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Frequently Asked Questions

    • A new member must submit a Commercial Application, Proof of Occupancy form, as well the General Powers Deposit Agreement:
    • Member will also need to provide two forms of identification – such as a driver’s license a business ID, Social Security card, or credit card, and the Proof of Occupancy form:
    • The application and documents may be submitted in one of the following ways:

           - In-person at one of our district offices: 

             Carthage - 138 Gordonsville Hwy., Carthage, TN 37030 

             Cookeville - 1794 W. Broad Street, Cookeville, TN 38501

             Gainesboro - 1085 N. Grundy Quarles Hwy. Gainesboro, TN 38562

             Livingston - 320 Celina Hwy., Livingston, TN 38570

            - Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

            - Fax:

    • Cookeville – 931-526-7494
    • Carthage – 615-735-0610
    • Gainesboro – 931-268-2125
    • Livingston – 931-823-1333

    If submitting by email or fax, please allow 1-2 business days for UCEMC to contact you.

    Once we have received the application and documents, UCEMC will determine the necessary deposit and fees. See board policy No 5-13 R-24 for General Power Customers.

    Document Links:


    • A Residential Load Sheet and a Commercial Load Sheet must be completed with an assigned 911 address for all new construction.
    • Submit in person:
    • Carthage District - 138 Gordonsville Hwy., Carthage, TN  37030
    • Cookeville District - 1794 W. Broad Street, Cookeville, TN 38501
    • Gainesboro District - 1085 N. Grundy Quarles Hwy., Gainesboro, TN 38562
    • Livingston District - 320 Celina Hwy., Livingston, TN 38570
    • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • Fax to the District office nearest the new construction:

                     Cookeville – 931-526-7494

                     Carthage – 615-735-0610

                     Gainesboro – 931-268-2125

                     Livingston – 931-823-1333

    • Once the load sheet is received by UCEMC, the engineering department will be in contact with you within 48 hours.
    • The engineering department will determine additional fees and documents that may be required for new construction, temporary service, OH and UG lines, etc.
    • A permit for an electrical inspection can be obtained by contacting the state online at or in each county. 

    You may pay your electric bill or conduct business at any UCEMC office between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

    Drive-thru is for bill-paying only. You may pay with cash, check, or money order, and an account number or bill is required at the drive-thru.

    Bills may also be paid after office hours in the night depository at each district office. Payments do not post in real-time but are posted the next business morning and backdated to the previous day.

    Payments can be made by check or money order (bill required) at the following banks:

    • First Freedom Bank, 376 West Jackson St., Cookeville, TN 38501
    • One Bank, 404 Main St., Baxter TN 38544
    • First Freedom Bank, 614 West Main St., Algood, TN 38506
    • Citizens Bank, 116 South Grundy Quarles Hwy., Gainesboro, TN 38562
    • First Freedom Bank, 307 East Hull Ave., Gainesboro, TN 38562
    • American Bank and Trust, 808 West Main St., Livingston, TN 38570
    • One Bank, 1477 West Main St., Livingston, TN 38570
    • Regions Bank, 120 South Public Square, Smithville, TN 37166

    Payments made at banks do not post in real-time but will be posted as of the date stamped on the remit slip by the bank.

    Payments mailed in will be posted as of the postmark date stamped on the envelope by the post office.

    Payment Kiosks are available 24/7 at the following locations:

    • Carthage Corporate Office, 907 Main St. North, Carthage, TN 37030
    • Cookeville District Office, 1794 West Broad St., Cookeville, TN 38501
    • Kiosks accept cash, check, and credit or debit card. Payments made at kiosks post immediately. Credit and debit card payments charge an additional 2.45%. Cash and check payments charge $0.50. Coins are not accepted, and the kiosk will not give change back.

    Payments may be made by phone at 800-261-2940 and selecting Option 2 to pay bills or get account information. Account will automatically be looked up by the phone number you are calling from, provided that the same phone number is listed on your account. Listen to and follow instructions if you wish to pay on a different account. We can look up accounts with either an account number or the phone number associated with an account.

             You may pay with a credit or debit card for an additional 2.45% or by e-check for an additional $1.00 per transaction. To pay by e-check over the phone, you must first set up a payment profile for the e-check account on this website at My UCEMC. Payments made by phone will post immediately.

    Payments can be made here on our official website homepage at Pay My Bill or our app, UCEMC. An online account must be created first using your account number, and a valid email address must be on file to complete the online account process. Call 800-261-2940 to speak with your district office to update or add an email address to your account. You may pay by debit or credit card for an additional 2.45% or by e-check for an addition $1.00 per transaction. Payments can be posted immediately or may be scheduled for a future date. It is recommended that you do not pay your bill through a DOX site, which poses as a UCEMC website. This website is not associated with UCEMC, will charge an additional fee, and might pay your bill late, or not at all.

    You may also sign up for AutoPay through the website or app. AutoPay is available with an e-check, debit, or credit card. Auto payments will still be charged the additional fee (2.45% for debit or credit card, or $1.00 per e-check). Automatic payments may be scheduled for any date of the month, but be advised that the Autopay date needs to be scheduled on or before your billing due date to avoid late fees or service interruptionAutoPay is not available for our Power Your Way members.

    Bank Draft is another auto-payment option. Bank draft does not charge any additional fees. Once on bank draft, the bill amount will deduct from the checking or savings account provided on the billing due date. If the due date falls on the weekend or an observed holiday, the payment will draft the business day afterward. To set up on bank draft, there is a form available in our district offices or on our website (attach form) that needs to be completed. One check marked "VOID" from the account you wish to draft from will need to be attached to the completed form. If you do not have checks for your bank account, you may get a letter from your bank stating the account information (name, address, account type, routing number and account number). The letter must be on bank letterhead and signed by a bank official. If you do not have your signature witnessed by a UCEMC employee, two forms of I.D. will need to be included to verify identity. If drafting from an account with a different authorized user from your electric account holder, the authorized user of the bank account must be present to sign or send in two forms I.D. for verification. Bank Draft is not available for our Power Your Way members.

    You can now pay where you shop (at participating locations) with UCEMC CheckOut. See the homepage for the complete overview:  Pay My Bill>New Ways to Pay.

    Using UCEMC CheckOut is easy:

    -Get the barcode. Visit and follow the instructions to download your personal barcode. Please print out the barcode or retain it on your mobile device.

    -Find a store near you. Visit for payment locations near you. Business chains like CVS Pharmacy, Dollar General, 7Eleven, Walgreens, and Family Dollar are just a few businesses where you can pay your UCEMC bill while you shop. More than 50,000 retailers nationwide are participating in the CheckOut system.

    -Scan the barcode. Before scanning your goods in the checkout line, tell the cashier that you want to pay your UCEMC electric bill. Scan the barcode you've saved on your mobile phone or have printed out.

    -At this time, UCEMC CheckOut only accepts cash payments. There is a $1.50 fee for using the service. UCEMC CheckOut locations cannot view or look up member account details.

    -Get real-time verification. Once your bill is paid, you'll get real-time verification that your payment has been approved. UCEMC also receives verification, and your account is updated.

    -Separate transaction. The UCEMC bill payment is a separate transaction, and your retailer scans the barcode at the register and completes the transaction before you can ring up other items. It's quick and easy but is a separate transaction.

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