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Pay Where You Shop

Paying Where You Shop UCEMC

Now there are convenient new ways to pay your electric bill in-person, online, and at your favorite stores!

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Get My Barcode

UCEMC CheckOut  

UCEMC CheckOut is our newest bill payment option that allows you to pay your UCEMC power bill where you shop.  

  • Get the barcode. Visit and follow the instructions to download your personal barcode. Please print out the barcode or retain it on your mobile device.
  • Visit to find payment locations near you. Business chains like CVS Pharmacy, Dollar General, and 7Eleven, Walgreens, and Family Dollar are just a few of the businesses where you can pay your UCEMC bill while you’re shopping. More than 50,000 retailers nationwide are participating in the CheckOut system.
  • Scan the barcode. As you pay for your goods in the checkout line, scan the barcode you’ve saved on your mobile phone or have printed out.
  • At this time, UCEMC CheckOut only accepts cash payments. There is a $1.50 fee for using the new service. UCEMC CheckOut locations cannot view or look up member account details.
  • Get real-time verification. Once your bill is paid, you’ll get real-time verification that your payment has been approved. UCEMC also receives verification, and your account is updated.
  • Separate transaction. The UCEMC bill payment is a separate transaction. Your retailer scans the barcode at the register and completes the transaction before you can ring up other items. It’s quick and easy but is a separate transaction.
Paying Your Bill Where You Shop UCEMC

 Now, paying your electric bill is as easy as 1-2-3!

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