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Safety Tips

Do not attempt to remove tree limbs from power lines. DON”T do it. Instead, call us at UCEMC. 
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Kites and Model Planes – Fly Them Away from Power Lines!
Fly model planes and kites in open fields well away from power lines. Don’t try to retrieve a kite or toy plane entangled in the wires.

Overhead Power Lines – Keep Your Distance!

Never install a TV or radio antenna within falling distance of a power line.

Before you move a metal ladder or scaffolding, check to see that it is clear of power lines. Look up and live!

Never up-end any kind of pipe near a power line. Carry it level and keep your eye on power lines when removing water pipes and well casings.

Equipment with booms – cranes, draglines, and trucks – should never violate the ten-foot rule when working around power lines. If the boom touches a power line, the person standing on the ground and touching any part of the equipment will be injured or killed.

Never touch, kick, pull, or attempt to pick up a fallen wire. Even a telephone wire could be deadly if tangled with a power line some distance away. Notify UCEMC and stand guard, keeping others away until help arrives.

If You Hit a Power Pole:

If your car comes in contact with a power line for any reason, try your best to break away. If the car won’t move, stay inside and wait for help to arrive. However, if you are forced to abandon the car, first scan the ground for fallen wires, then, jump clear. Never touch the car and the ground at the same time. Bystanders should stay clear of the car. If they touch the car they could be injured or killed.

Underground Power Lines – Call Before You Dig!
Call UCEMC to locate underground utilities before digging. If you hit an underground power line you could be seriously or fatally injured.
To help maintain the reliability of your electric power, don’t plant trees near power lines. A tree that’s tiny today will be big one day. Plant wisely so that you can enjoy your trees for many years to come.


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