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Safety Hounds

UCEMC employee Carl Ledbetter has created a wonderful tool to help children learn about safety. Print the Book

Family Picnic Coloring Sheet

An outdoor picnic is a great way to spend time with your family! Cooking outdoors also helps you save energy because you don’t have to use appliances that heat up your home. (click on image below for coloring sheet)

Energy Explorers

Front End Loader & Truck Coloring Page

Click on image below to print coloring page

Front End Loader and Truck Coloring Page

Let’s Learn About Line Workers!

Download and color the basic clothing and equipment that a UCEMC line worker uses every day to stay safe and to keep the electricity running into our homes. (click on images below for coloring PDF to print)

Boots Coloring Page to Color In with UCEMC
Hard Hat Coloring Page with UCEMC

Hey Kids!

Do you know what to do if the car you’re riding in comes in contact with a downed power line? Our friends at Kitchener Wilmot Hydro have asked Lucky the Squirrel to explain the right way to get out safely:

Let’s Go On A Summer Scavenger Hunt!

Summer Scavenger Hunt
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