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Power Your Way with UCEMC


  • Watch our Power Your Way video here for an overview.
  • Pay in advance for a specific amount of electricity to activate your account – just as you would fill the fuel tank on your car. $105.00 will get you started. A credit check is required, but a security deposit is not. You will never pay a late fee.
  • Power Your Way members will not receive a monthly bill. Your usage and balance are calculated daily.
  • Track your daily usage through the customer portal at or download the UCEMC App on your phone. UCEMC will send a text or email when your account is getting low. If your power is disconnected, a member must pay enough to have a minimum credit of $10.01 to reconnect.
  • Keep the balance in your account above zero and add funds when it works for your
  • Simple Payment Options: A minimum payment of $25.00 or more is accepted at any UCEMC office during normal business hours, by phone at 1-800-261-2940 using your debit or credit card, at our 24/7 Kiosks in Cookeville and Carthage (Corporate) offices, or by visiting the customer portal at
  • Pay where you shop: Visit to download a barcode and find participating store locations near you. Scan your barcode at the register and pay your bill with cash. Your account is updated in real-time. A $1.50 transaction fee will apply.   

To learn more about our pre-payment program, click here.


Power Your Way Progam with UCEMC

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