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A member who owns or manages rental properties may fill out a Continuation of Service for Rental Property form to have on file with UCEMC. This form allows for connects to be called in on properties listed on the form, instead of visiting a UCEMC district office. Connects may only be called in by authorized persons listed on the Continuation of Service Form. Property will not be automatically connected when a tenant move out, an authorized persona MUST call and request service to be connected.

If a property owner or manager does not have electric service with UCEMC in their name, an application will need to be ompleted and submitted to UCEMC along with 2 foms of I.D. and proof of occupancy. This may also be required even if the property owner or manager has had service in the past with UCEMC but does not currently have active services. See, UCEMC Service, New Service on how to apply for residential services or UCEMC Service, My Business, New Non-Residential Service for how to apply for non-residental service.

A connection fee will always be charged when a service is connected/transferred. Deposits will be determined by our our Board Policy No 5-13 R-24.

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