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Why was my bill so much higher this month?

When extreme temperatures are sustained over a long period, many members increase their energy consumption. Heating and cooling can account for more than half of a member’s electric bill. The HVAC unit is running longer during prolonged periods of extremely cold or extremely hot weather because it’s struggling to keep a comfortable temperature inside your home.

But I use gas to heat my home, why would the electric bill be high?

Gas furnaces typically have blowers that are electric-powered, helping move the hot air through the ductwork. With extremely cold temperatures, those gas furnaces were running for long periods to help maintain the desired temperature inside. If you use an electric humidifier during the extreme cold to compensate for the extremely dry heat from your gas furnace, that could also add to increased electric consumption.

What about space heaters?

Space heaters can be used to heat a small area for a short time, but long-term use can lead to substantial energy consumption and cost. Check out our NEWS YOU CAN USE tab here on the UCEMC website.

Are rates higher than before?

UCEMC is a member-owned, not-for-profit electric cooperative with rates approximately 20% lower than the national average. 82 cents of every dollar collected by UCEMC is paid to Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) for power used by our members. The remaining 18 cents is used to operate the cooperative.

I'm signed up for a bank draft on my UCEMC account. Why does my bill show a "penalty" amount due if I don't pay the bill on time?

If your electric bill is automatically drafted from your bank account, the transaction is completed each month on the due date. You will never be charged a penalty. HOWEVER, some UCEMC members utilize other ways to pay, which allow them to schedule their payment on a date they choose. The "penalty" amount on the bill reminds those members that any bill paid past the due date is subject to a late fee or penalty.

How do UCEMC’s rates compare to other utilities?

UCEMC’s rates are about 20% below the national average. Our full rate structure can be viewed here:

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