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  • UCEMC Cares Overview

UCEMC Cares is a state-chartered, nonprofit corporation that operates apart from the Upper Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation. Members who choose to participate in the Cares program “round-up” their monthly electric bill to the nearest dollar, with the average member donating $6 a year or less. So, what can you get for six bucks a year these days? Some people are finding that small change is changing a lot in our community. 

Nothing says summer like an action-packed, fun-filled week at summer camp. Whether it’s learning to play an instrument at band camp, practicing tumbling at cheerleading camp, or getting ready for the upcoming season at football camp, these special weeks are reserved for childhood summers. They’re something that every youngster should have the opportunity to experience.

Unfortunately, not every family can afford camp fees, especially if there are a lot of children in the home. Helping kids attend camp is just one of the ways a CARES Grant can help a community grow. When you become a CARES member and “Round-Up” your bill to the nearest dollar, your small change can help a child make memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Here’s just one example.  Take a look at the Community Kidz Choir Camp 2019 and join in the fun!:  


  • UCEMC Cares 2019

An Application for Organization/Agency must be completed and submitted to qualify for a UCEMC Cares, Inc. grant. Applications are available at your local UCEMC office or download the APPLICATION FORM.