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Tag: Space Heaters

The Simple Truth About Space Heaters

When the winter temps drop into the teens and twenties, many UCEMC members will bring the space heater out of storage to supplement their home heating unit. Some advertisements indicate that portable electric heaters are highly efficient, and the truth is, they are designed to provide adequate short-term heat for a bathroom or other small area. Long-term use may be cost-prohibitive because, with a space heater, it’s that constant flow of electricity that causes that wire to glow red-hot and produce heat.

There are many different types of portable electric heaters. Some are displayed in attractive, designer cases which can escalate the price to a hundred dollars or more. But whether they’re oil-filled, infrared, ceramic, designer, or primary, they all do the same thing – they provide costly resistance heat.

Other heaters cost as little as $30 and may have only two settings: 750 and 1,500 watts, and one with dial settings can cost more. If you plan to purchase a portable electric heater and cost is a concern, compare the wattage and whether it has a fan or oscillates. Regardless of the cost, here’s the kicker: all 750-watt or 1,500-watt heaters produce the same amount of heat!

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