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Tag: Pruning near power lines

Trees and power lines: The Odd Couple

Trees that contact power lines or those wires knocked down by trees during a storm can electrocute you and possible ignite a fire. If anything, such as a tree, makes contact with an energized line or if a broken power line falls to the ground or lands on a vehicle or fence, electricity will flow to the ground and spread out in irregular concentric circles. This is known as the Ripple Effect.


Trees and power lines: The Odd Couple
Tree Inspections

To keep your family safe, UCEMC will regularly inspect trees and other tall vegetation growing near power lines to identify potential problems and act on those issues immediately.

Pruning near power lines

Tall trees and other plants growing too close and touching power lines need to be regularly pruned or removed altogether. UCEMC identifies and removes trees that are dead, dying, or leaning before they can fall on power lines. Help us keep you safe by calling our attention to potential problems that you see with limbs and power lines.


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