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Phantom Load

Did you know that there’s a vampire in your home 24/7? Many electronics continue to use energy even after they’re turned off. If they remain plugged in after use, it’s what we call phantom load and it costs the average member more than $100 a year.


It sounds scary and indeed it is. Vampires are lurking around your home at this moment, sucking power from appliances and other plugged-in devices which continue to use power from electrical outlets even when they are turned off!

According to the Department of Energy, the average household has approximately 40 energy vampires in their home costing more than $100 a year. You can ward off energy-wasting vampires with these tips:


Hair dryers, curling irons and electric shavers left plugged into the wall while not in use can still drain electricity. Be safe and savvy by unplugging those devices when you’re done.


Make a habit of unplugging all unnecessary kitchen appliances including the coffee maker, microwave, toaster oven, blender, and other unused appliances.

Living Room

Older, set-top cable boxes and DVRs are the scariest vampires since they constantly drain 25-45 watts of energy when not in use. Try hooking up your entertainment center and other electronics to a power strip to easily switch off the entire system when you’re not using it. Exception: If you’re planning to record a show, your cable box must be on. Be sure to power down your video game console when it’s “game over.”

Home Office

The computer and printer still use energy when they’re idle. Plug your devices into a power strip and flip it off when you leave the room.


Once the cell phone or tablet is powered up, unplug the charger to avoid wasting energy.

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