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Paying Where You Shop UCEMC

This month, we're introducing convenient new ways to pay your electric bill in-person, online, and at your favorite stores!

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 Get My Barcode

UCEMC CheckOut  

UCEMC CheckOut is our newest bill payment option that allows you to pay your UCEMC power bill where you shop.  

  • Get the barcode. Visit ucemc.com and follow the instructions to download your personal barcode. Please print out the barcode or retain it on your mobile device.
  • Visit ucemc.com to find payment locations near you. Business chains like CVS Pharmacy, Dollar General, and 7Eleven, Walgreens, and Family Dollar are just a few of the businesses where you can pay your UCEMC bill while you’re shopping. More than 50,000 retailers nationwide are participating in the CheckOut system.
  • Scan the barcode. As you pay for your goods in the checkout line, scan the barcode you’ve saved on your mobile phone or have printed out.
  • At this time, UCEMC CheckOut only accepts cash payments. There is a $1.50 fee for using the new service. UCEMC CheckOut locations cannot view or look up member account details.
  • Get real-time verification. Once your bill is paid, you’ll get real-time verification that your payment has been approved. UCEMC also receives verification, and your account is updated.
  • Separate transaction. The UCEMC bill payment is a separate transaction. Your retailer scans the barcode at the register and completes the transaction before you can ring up other items. It’s quick and easy but is a separate transaction.

AutoPay and E-Check

AutoPay is a recurring payment system that you may set up through ucemc.com>MyUCEMC, our mobile app or our Consumer Services Representatives at any UCEMC District Office location. AutoPay automatically charges your credit card, debit card, or E-check that you have on file with us on the date you specify. This date needs to be on or before your due date.


This digital check is drafted from the bank account you have registered with us on the date you specify. This method is ideal for our members who don’t use credit cards. Additional fees may apply for a failed payment or insufficient funds.

Frequently Asked Questions about AutoPay:

How will I know what day it goes through?

AutoPay automatically charges the credit card, debit card, or E-check that you have on file with us on the date you specify. This date needs to be on or before your due date.

Will I still receive my bill?

Yes. You will continue to receive a paper copy of your bill in the mail unless you have selected the “paperless billing” option in the MyUCEMC web portal at ucemc.com.

How can I enroll in AutoPay?

The easiest way to enroll in Autopay is through the MyUCEMC web portal. You may also set up AutoPay through our Consumer Service Representatives at any UCEMC office.

If I sign up, when will it start?

 Autopay will begin on any new bills from the date you signed up. If you have an outstanding balance, you can not use Autopay to cover that previous balance. For example, you received a bill for $50 last month, and you enrolled in Autopay. After receiving that bill, you will need to pay that $50 bill with your usual method. Once you are current, next month’s bill will begin the recurring payment of your bill through Autopay.

Can I participate in AutoPay without logging into MyUCEMC?

Yes. We allow members to sign up by downloading the bank draft form on ucemc.com>MyUCEMC>Autopay and return it by mail or in-person to any of our district offices.

 Now, paying your electric bill is as easy as 1-2-3!

Paying Your Bill Where You Shop with UCEMC



Paying your UCEMC bill at our kiosk with FastPass is as easy as 1-2-3.

  • First Visit the kiosk at the UCEMC District offices in Cookeville or Carthage: Select “One-Time Payment” and have your UCEMC account number handy.
  • Sign Up: Once you complete your payment, select “YES” to sign up for FastPass. This will make paying your future bills quick and easy.
  • PIN Set Up: You’ll be asked to set up a 4-digit PIN. The kiosk will print a barcode you can keep to scan at the kiosk next time, or you can use your phone number and PIN. You may now choose how to get your receipt, by print, text, or email.

Next time you use the kiosk, select “FASTPass”, scan your barcode, and enter your PIN. We’ll store your account number and you can choose to receive future receipts by text, email or printout.

FastPass is a quicker way to make payments at the kiosk. Your MyPaySite account is tied to the phone number entered the first time you use the kiosk.

FastPass is an optional service provided by Upper Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation to make the kiosk payment process more convenient. Questions about your FASTPASS payment? Call FastPass tech support at 877-876-7076.