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Things to try before reporting your outage:

  • Check your neighbors house - Are their lights out? If they have power, it may be a problem isolated to your home. 
  • Check the breakers - Is the main breaker off? Try turning the switch all the way to the off position then back to the on position. 

 To report an outage please call our number below that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Please keep phone lines open for all members affected by an outage. We know that being without power is inconvenient and frustrating, and we assure you that one call is all you need to make. UCEMC will work around the clock, if necessary, to restore your service as quickly as possible.


Be Prepared with UCEMC

Storm-Ready Kit

In the best of circumstances, there may be only minutes to prepare for a potentially dangerous and damaging storm or widespread power outage. It's helpful to know what you'll need to assemble an emergency outage/storm kit quickly:

- Non-perishable food for the family, including pet food and drinking water, a cooler with ice;
- Flashlight with fresh batteries;
- Cash and Credit Cards, identification;
- Medicine/prescriptions;
- Fully charged cell phone and charging cords to plug into automobile; gasoline;
- First aid kit;
- Matches and lighters, candles, pocket knife;
- Battery-powered radio with extra batteries;
- Battery-powered clock;
- Pet supplies including carrier, leash, ID collars, etc.

BE INFORMED! Visit for more information.

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