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UCEMC Member Spotlight: A Smashing Success

Steve Cooper at Cooper Shredder Facility Steve Cooper at Cooper Shredder Facility

Upper Cumberland Visionary Cleans Up-Never Gives Up

Like many young boys full of vitality and big ideas back in 1989, Steve Cooper’s quest for extra money began with recycling aluminum cans. Lots of them. He collected bags full and crushed them one-by-one with his foot until he had a truckload. That was fun. Until it wasn’t. But once he learned he could sell his flattened aluminum bounty for more than he could make by flipping burgers, he was hooked.

He read that recycling one aluminum can could save the amount of energy to power a 60-watt light bulb for more than twenty-four hours. Recycling centers were paying good money per can upon delivery. That was huge for the planet and his future. That was the wave Steve wanted to ride. 

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