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Scammers are at it again!


Several UCEMC members in Cookeville didn't take the bait and are warning you to be careful, too!

The caller-scammer identified himself as Christopher, a "lineman with UCEMC." He told our members that if they didn't pay $750 on their "past due" electric bill, the power would be shut off immediately. He put them through to another scammer, Brian Campbell, who instructed the members to go to the Dollar General Store, buy TWO "Money Pack" cards totaling the amount, and call back when they had completed the purchase.
Our members did the right thing and ended the call. While scammers can hijack numbers, these calls came from 931-283-8949 and 888-757-3566. The men had a foreign accent and were oblivious to the fact that "Linemen" in the U.S., at least, will NEVER try to collect money from members. Enjoy the hang-up and spread the word about these scammers!
Stay Informed

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