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The Simple Truth About Space Heaters

space-heaters-at-what-cost-UCEMC Space Heaters At What Cost?

When the winter temps drop into the teens and twenties, many UCEMC members will bring the space heater out of storage to supplement their home heating unit. Some advertisements indicate that portable electric heaters are highly efficient, and the truth is, they are designed to provide adequate short-term heat for a bathroom or other small area. Long-term use may be cost-prohibitive because, with a space heater, it's that constant flow of electricity that causes that wire to glow red-hot and produce heat.

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It’s down and it’s deadly


Severe storms any time of year can cause downed power lines, poles, and extended outages. If you happen upon a downed line, stay as far away as possible.

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Trees and power lines: The Odd Couple

Tree Pruning

Trees that contact power lines or those wires knocked down by trees during a storm can electrocute you and possible ignite a fire. If anything, such as a tree, makes contact with an energized line or if a broken power line falls to the ground or lands on a vehicle or fence, electricity will flow to the ground and spread out in irregular concentric circles. This is known as the Ripple Effect.

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Phantom Load

Phantom Load Phantom Load

Did you know that there’s a vampire in your home 24/7? Many electronics continue to use energy even after they’re turned off. If they remain plugged in after use, it’s what we call phantom load and it costs the average member more than $100 a year.

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Coping with a Winter Power Outage

Coping-with-a-Winter-Power-Outage---UCEMC Coping with a Winter Power Outage

Living without electricity is no easy task, especially during cold weather. To make the best of the situation as we work to restore your power, follow these tips from UCEMC once you’ve called to report the outage in your area:

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It Pays To Buy A Good Water Heater

It Pays To Buy A Good Water Heater It Pays To Buy A Good Water Heater

If you’re that family member who enjoys an extra-long, hot shower to begin your day, you might want to reconsider. Since water heaters are the second largest energy expense in your home after your heating and cooling system, washing away your cares could cost you if you don’t have an efficient water heater. It pays to buy a good one.

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The Kilowatt Hour

Kilowatt Hour Kilowatt Hour

Concerned about your energy costs? There are some simple steps you can take to reduce the amount of electricity you’re using. But first, let’s take a look at the terms Kilowatt and Kilowatt Hours.

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Look out for scam artists posing as debt collectors from Tennessee Valley Authority

Scam Alert - Be Aware! Scam Alert - Be Aware!

Unfortunately, Caller ID can’t tell us when a scammer is on the line. We must be vigilant for the latest techno-tricks scammers are using to steal our hard-earned cash.

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