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UCEMC wants to ensure your “safe conduct” around all things electric!

UCEMC’s High Voltage Demo Trailer illustrates the dangers of working around high voltage electricity. Our UCEMC Safety Team is available to travel to your venue and share this life-saving information with your school or civic group. Watch as Line Foreman Brandon Rigsby and his crew offer safety advice you won’t soon forget:

UCEMC Safety Demonstration Trailer

UCEMC Safety Demonstration Trailer

logo move over for utility workers TN

Tennessee’s “move-over” law creates a safety zone to protect police, firefighters and other emergency personnel. A revision has expanded the existing law by adding utility service equipment to the list of vehicles for which drivers are required to either slow down or move over. See why this law is important.


Safety Hounds For Kids with UCEMCHey Kids!

Learn how to stay safe around electricity at home and on the playground. Download UCEMC’s exclusive Safety Hounds Coloring Book.


safety quiz graphic UCEMC

Take our Safety Hounds Quiz here:

Download the quiz