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View your bill, sign up for alerts and reminders, view your payment history, pay your bill, and more with our Mobile Apps and Mobile Web App.

Mobile App Account Info

View Account Information

Select the Account Info icon to view a list of all of your accounts complete with due dates and balances. Select a specific account from the account list to make a single payment or to sign up for push notifications for that account.

Mobile App Payment History

View Your Bill History

Get a concise summary of each of your bills and link to PDFs of your available bills. If the PDF of your statement is not available, you'll see a nice message letting you know to check back later.

Mobile App - Make A Payment

Make a Payment

Once you've logged in and selected an account, select the Payment icon to initiate a payment for a single account or multiple accounts, if applicable.

Mobile App - Manage Alerts

Manage Alerts

The Alerts option allows you to manage the Alerts and Reminders you want to receive on your mobile device. Alerts and Reminders can be configured for each account and on each mobile device.

Mobile App - View Your Usage

View Your Usage

See a graph of your actual electricity usage for the date range you specify.

Mobile App - Find Our Offices

Find Our Offices

From the login screen, you can view our office and payment locations along with phone numbers, addresses, and hours of operation.

Mobile App - General Information

General Information

Without logging in, you can get one-touch access to general information.