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The Upper Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation (UCEMC) is an electric power distribution cooperative. UCEMC is owned and operated by its members and distributes electric power through more than 4,600 miles of lines to more than 50,000 members located primarily in Jackson, Overton, Putnam and Smith Counties and northern DeKalb County. Several members are served in “fringe” areas of Clay, Fentress, Macon, Pickett, White, and Wilson Counties.

UCEMC Notice of Directors to be Elected

In accordance with Article IV, Section 4.05 of the Bylaws of the Upper Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation, hereinafter called “cooperative,” notice is given of three impending vacancies on the Cooperative’s Board of Directors due to expiring terms of three incumbent directors.

One incumbent directorate term will expire in District One, and a directorate election will be held to fill the impending District One vacancy. Directorate District One consists of the areas served by the cooperative in DeKalb, Macon, Smith, and Wilson Counties.

One incumbent directorate term will expire in District Two, and a directorate election will be held to fill the impending District Two vacancy. Directorate District Two consists of the areas served by the cooperative in Putnam and White Counties.

One incumbent directorate term will expire in District Three, and a directorate election will be held to fill the impending District Three vacancy. Directorate District Three consists of the areas served by the cooperative in Clay, Fentress, Overton, and Pickett Counties.

Any member meeting the qualifications for the director as specified in Article IV, Section 4.02, of the Cooperative’s Bylaws may petition to become a candidate for election to the Board of Directors. Any candidate for director must file a qualifying petition with the Secretary of the Cooperative, Alan Pippin, or with the Cooperative’s General Manager/CEO, Jennifer Brogdon, on or before June 16, 2024.

Request for information may be made to any of the cooperative’s offices located at:

  • 1794 West Broad Street, Cookeville, TN 38503; Tel. 800-261-2940
  • 320 Celina Highway, Livingston, TN 38570; Tel. 800-261-2940
  • 1085 N. Grundy Quarles Highway, Gainesboro, TN 38562; Tel. 800-261-2940
  • 138 Gordonsville Highway, South Carthage, TN 37030; Tel. 800-261-2940
  • 907 Main Street North, Carthage, TN 37030; Tel. 800-261-2940

All Qualifying petition forms and copies of the Cooperative’s Bylaws and the Board’s Policy Governing Directorate Election activities will be issued from UCEMC’s Corporate Office, 907 Main Street North, Carthage TN 37030.

A Credentials Committee, appointed, meeting, and acting per Article IV, Section 4.07 of the Cooperative’s Bylaws, will determine the eligibility of each petitioner to become a qualified candidate.

If required to comply with Article IV, Section 4.11 of the Cooperative’s Bylaws, a District Directorate Election will be held on Saturday, August 24, 2024, between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. at the cooperative’s office in each directorate district. To accommodate member’s schedules, an additional election day will be held on Friday, August 23, 2024, between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. at the cooperative’s office in each directorate district.

EEO Employer/Vet/Disability

Meet the 2024 Washington Youth Tour Delegates

The Washington Youth Tour is loading up the buses in a few weeks, and four high school juniors will pack their bags to represent Upper Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation on the trip. Winners of the UCEMC Creative Writing and Scholarship Competition not only earned spots on the once-in-a-lifetime tour of our nation’s capital with 2,000 other students from across the country, but they also score a $1,000 scholarship and qualify for additional trips and even more money toward their college education.

Ethan Hooks
Tashana & Chris Hooks
Jean Silvano
Becky & Walter Key
Chloe Ledbetter
April Gentry & Andrew Ledbetter
Riley Vinson
Amanda & Ryan Vinson

Students submitted their 900-word short story entitled “Co-ops Connect” and competed with dozens of high school juniors in their district. Ethan Hooks attends Livingston Academy, Jean Silvano is a junior at Gordonsville High, Chloe Ledbetter is from Jackson County High and Riley Vinson is from Upperman High School.

Each day of the Washington Youth Tour brings more impressive sights, opportunities for photos, and lots of memories. Among the activities on the agenda are tours of Washington D.C. and all its landmarks, memorials, and museums. Highlights include the Smithsonian Institution, the U.S. Capitol, Mount Vernon, and Monticello. Tennessee’s electric cooperatives pay food, travel, and lodging expenses, but the benefits of the Youth Tour go far beyond an expense-paid trip.

Students get help to pay for their college education with scholarships of $3,000, $2,000, or $1,000 awarded by the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association if their story is considered one of the state’s top three. In addition to scholarships provided by the electric co-ops, Union University in Jackson and Carson-Newman University in Jefferson City have recognized the leadership potential of Youth Tour delegates. The universities have agreed to provide dozens of scholarships worth up to $10,000 annually for four years.

Will your teen be a high school junior next year? Don’t miss the call for entries in January 2025! Learn more about the Washington Youth Tour at

TVA EnergyRight School Uplift and STEM grants

TVA partners with Upper Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation (UCEMC) to Award $10,000 grants to local schools in the cooperative service area through the School Uplift Program.

On May 2nd TVA announced that the following UCEMC area schools each received a $10,000 Learning Environment grant through Tennessee Valley Authority’s School Uplift program:

  • Defeated Elementary                    
  • Gordonsville High School             
  • Hilham Elementary                       
  • Rickman Elementary                     
  • Upper Middle School                   
  • White Plains Academy                  

Tight budgets and aging buildings leave many schools facing a difficult decision between funding learning programs and making needed facility upgrades. Since 2021, TVA’s $7.87 million School Uplift program has helped 225 public schools in the seven-state region solve that problem.

School Uplift’s year-long energy management training program helps public school districts make smart energy choices that improve the classroom learning environment and save money through decreased energy use. Participating schools compete to earn grants by cutting their energy waste through behavioral changes and by engaging students, faculty, staff, and community.

“School Uplift is another way we’ve partnered with TVA to invest in our community,” said Wanda Geho. “We are so excited the schools were awarded the grant, which will enable administrators to improve facilities and make the school more efficient, healthy, and comfortable for teachers and students. The faculty, staff, and students committed to prioritizing energy efficiency over the last school year and earned this grant through their hard work.”

On average, participating schools have saved nearly 10% on their annual energy bills from behavior changes alone.  When savings from grant-funded energy upgrades are added, this year’s School Uplift participants have estimated total energy savings of 9 GWh or the amount of electricity used by 1,241 homes in one year.

“Every dollar invested in our schools helps districts allocate resources to where it matters most – educating our children,” said Monika Beckner, vice president of TVA’s Energy Services & Programs. “We’re inspired by the winners of this year’s School Uplift grants and proud of their dedication to reducing energy waste and building a sustainable future for us all.”

Recently, TVA’s School Uplift program was recognized as a 2024 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year by ENERGY STAR, administered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

TVA EnergyRight and UCEMC will continue to recruit public K-12 schools for the 2024-2025 program. Visit  to express interest in participating in this exciting program.

TVA STEM Classroom Grants

The grant is sponsored by the Tennessee Valley Authority in partnership with Bicentennial Volunteers Inc., a TVA retiree organization, to develop science, technology, engineering, and math education projects to help spark student interest in future careers in STEM-related fields.

The grant program for 2023 opened in early August of 2023 and closed on September 15th, 2023. TVA notified each county’s Director of Schools about the program.  Wanda shared, “I contacted each of our eligible schools by phone to explain the program opportunities. I’m proud of our local schools, and I knew they could compete for the $1.5 million grants awarded across the Tennessee Valley.”  Check were delivered to each school in March, 2024.

Highlights of the program:

  • Teachers can apply for funding up to $5,000 for STEM projects with preference given to applications that explore TVA’s primary area of focus: environment, energy, economic and career development, and community problem-solving.
  • Eligible applicants are teachers or school administrators in public or private schools, grades K-12.

Teachers across TVA’s seven-state region applied for funding and over 240 applications were selected in 2023 – 2024.

UCEMC CEO/GM Jennifer Brogdon said, “We are proud to serve all of these schools. I applaud their leadership and teaching staff for using this award to spark interest in STEM. Getting today’s boys and girls interested in science, technology, engineering and math careers is so important, and we hope some of them will work for UCEMC one day”.

The following schools were awarded STEM Grants:

$1,000 Award

A H Roberts Elementary        

$5,000 Award’s

Algood Middle                        

Allons Elementary                  

Jackson Co Middle                

Livingston Middle School       

New Middleton Elementary   

Rickman Elementary             

Vital School                            


The Tennessee Valley Authority is the nation’s largest public power supplier, delivering energy to 10 million people across seven southeastern states. TVA was established 90 years ago to serve this region and the nation by developing innovative solutions to solve complex challenges. TVA’s unique mission focuses on energy, environmental stewardship, and economic development. With one of the largest, most diverse, and cleanest energy systems – including nuclear, hydro, solar, gas, and advanced technologies – TVA is a leader in our nation’s drive toward a clean energy future.

TVA is a corporate agency of the United States, receiving no taxpayer funding, deriving virtually all of its revenues from sales of electricity. In addition to operating and investing its revenues in its electric system, TVA provides flood control, navigation, and land management for the Tennessee River system, and assists local power companies and state and local governments with economic development and job creation. Learn more at Energy System of the Future.

School Uplift is open for enrollment!

We are excited to partner with our friends at @TVAEnergyRight to recruit the next cohort of schools for 2024-2025.

Participating schools can expect to save an average of $13,000 in annual energy costs by engaging the entire school in energy efficiency practices. And all schools who complete the year-long program receive an award of a $10,000 to $25,000 Learning Environment Grant!

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Thinking about installing solar at your home?

We’re helping members go solar every day. Homeowners and businesses can use UCEMC and TVA’s renewable expertise and programs to generate, install and claim solar energy. With any rapidly growing and evolving industry, there is a lot of information and misinformation. If you are interested in installing solar, let UCEMC and TVA use our resources to help you make the best informed decision. Visit  or contact UCEMC’s Member Service Advisor, Larry Fleming, at 615-281-8814.

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Upper Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation Employees Unite for Community Impact with Successful Food Drive

In a heartwarming display of community spirit, the employees at Upper Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation (UCEMC) recently joined forces to make a meaningful difference in their local area. Driven by a deep-rooted commitment to community service and a desire to tackle food insecurity head-on, they organized an impactful food drive.

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