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Alternate Payment Date
This program enables eligible residential (RS Class 22) and Small Commercial (GSA-1 Class 40) members to choose a customized due date to pay their electric bills.
Project Help
This is a program designed to help defray emergency energy costs for elderly and disabled  members as well as those who are not economically self-sufficient. Customers may contribute $1.00 or more per month on their electric bill. The money collected is sent to an independent agency to determine who should receive their special funds. Recipients may only receive funds once a year and the decision is left totally to the selection of the agency.
Budget Billing
Equal monthly amounts for electric service taken by the Customer at his/her designated location. Determination of the equal amount shall be the Cooperative's responsibility based upon customer's use history.
Bank Draft
Payment of the account by bank draft is available at no additional charge. Any member who can pay bills by check may participate in the plan.This process is accomplished by electronic bank debit each month on the due date.